Pattern Interrupt


Pattern Interrupt



This book is all about pattern interrupts: events that jar us out of our preconditioned defeater responses.

Pattern Interrupt will help you dismantle defeat, overcome ordinary and become a rumbler by exposing the enemy’s methodology behind mediocrity.



Each chapter of this book ends with three directives (three things that the reader is encouraged to immediately begin doing or stop doing). Directives are simply action items that assist the reader in developing new habits.

Small Group Discussion Questions

Each chapter ends with small group discussion questions. Life- change rarely occurs in isolation. Within the context of community, this book could fuel a revolution of action and release the kind of faith that inspires radical Kingdom works. Bust this book out in your small group and get ready to go deep.


Each chapter ends with an activation prayer. Read these prayers over yourself and expect the Lord to shift you from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here’s what the peeps are saying

"This book is enjoyable and attention getting! I am a small group leader and we used this book in our group. The chapters were easily managed for weekly meetings with all participants eagerly prepared to discuss the topics and engage with the activations. It has been a pleasure to walk through this book with the attendees and wonderful to see the changes that occurred as we discussed the subjects and applied the truths found there to our lives." - Billie Daley


"This book came at God's perfect timing in my life. I've been waiting for an answer from the Lord...  what I needed was a pattern interrupt - a green light to go with God - trusting by faith and believing that He would fight my battle unto victory. I'm no longer coping but engaging with the true Spirit of hope." - Sandy Dolph

"I can say without reservation that "Pattern Interrupt" has encouraged me
to expect the unexpected without fear of repercussion or being left with less. Rather, I can
welcome change with the understanding that God is enough for every situation and for every need that an interruption might present. I know sometimes I, like many others, may not be that fond of change, but with courage I can say, bring it on.....I have a mighty God who can handle the worst of the worst and give the best of the best in the mist of it all. Thank you Pastor Darren for giving insight and wisdom that has caused me to see and experience life in a way that is more out of the box." - Kathy


"This book itself by definition was a "Pattern Interrupt". It has caused me to see that the more I allow myself to relax in the journey, the richer I become. Also, as my perspectives are broadened, I can invite God not just into the planned events, but every aspect of my life, even when I may not see what's around the corner or what the future holds. The book has caused me to ask, Jesus, what is it you're teaching me here and what can I glean from this situation as You show me a more excellent way.......Your way!" - Mike

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