The tree fort

building a tree fort.jpg

I once made a tree fort with my kids just shy of our property line, in what is technically city property, and using trees that weren’t the best trees for making a tree fort. But, we did it anyway.

It was a lot of work, it took a lot of time, and it cost me some money.

One year later the city knocked on our door to inform us that they would be knocking down our tree fort.

All that work, all that time, and all that money ended up getting torn down as well, and guess what, I have no regrets.

I thank God that I did not take the time to consider the workload, the costs, or the amount of energy required to build that fort because if I had, I might not have done it.

The truth is, we didn’t just build a tree fort, we made unforgettable memories; memories that were worth every drop of sweat and every dollar spent.

Sometimes we spend way too much time considering all the negative practical factors for why we shouldn’t do new and amazing things. We get burnt out in the consideration process before we’ve done anything.

If you can relate to the above, here are two directives:

1.) Stop analyzing everything to death!
2.) Start already.

So what if it’s a lot of work. So what if nobody likes it. So what if it sucks; at least you started.

What are you waiting for?
Begin, and figure it out as you go.